Pub Crawl
Movie Night
Jam Session
Shabbat Experience
Israeli Food Experience
Language Exchange

Pub Crawl

Movie Night

Jam Session

Get to know the real Jerusalem nightlife. From popular bars to underground parties, we’ll show you a side of Jerusalem you didn’t know existed!

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, meeting at John Smith Bar
Time: 10:30 pm

Every night in our Cinema Hostel Jerusalem Lounge, unwind with a movie and free popcorn! Relax after a long day travelling, or rejuvenate for a big day ahead!

Every night at Cinema Hostel’s lounge
Time: 6 pm

Grab a drink and join our talented hostel band in some fun with the classics, or show us what you’ve got!

Every Tuesday at John Smith Bar
Time: 8 pm

‏‏Shabbat Dinner1 - עותק

shabbat experience

Israeli food workshop

Language exchange

Meeting at the Cinema Hostel Jerusalem we will shop like locals, prepare traditional Shabbat food, before sitting down to share an authentic Shabbat meal.
Join at any point!

Every Friday
Time:  7pm – 12pm
Price: 48 NIS 

Every Sunday at Cinema Hostel! We will learn a little about the history of hummus and how to make the most famous dish in the Middle East.
We will also prepare another 2 dishes and finish with an indulgent dinner.

Every Sunday at Cinema Hostel’s lounge
Time: 7pm – 9pm

Come improve your foreign language skills in the most efficient and FUN way possible: by practicing with a friendly native speaker. ⠀
 we host FluenTLV’s events at John Smith bar.

Grab a drink and join us!
Time: 8 pm

More fun to come...