The Orion Cinema has survived as a treasured landmark on the streets of Israel’s capital, and now we are lucky enough to call it home! 
In 2018, after a complete overhaul, which proved a major labor of love, the Orion once again opened its doors to the public; This time as the Cinema Hostel Jerusalem, a unique and affordable home away from home in the very center of Jerusalem.


The old Orion Cinema was home to 1,400 seats at it’s peak; housing classic, controversial, and independent films, it really stood on the frontline of Israeli culture all through the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s. The building’s classic Jerusalem stone and impressive dome structure, was offset by an interior inspired by the Radio City Music Hall. 

By the 80s cinema in Jerusalem saw a decline, and the beautiful Orion building lay abandoned for 25 years.  

When young entrepreneurs, Adir Amsalem and Michael Perelshtein, found the Orion building, they were keen to bring new life to the building, and celebrate the integrity of the building’s roots. Placing the building once again at the heart of the community, Cinema Hostel Jerusalem puts as much an emphasis on atmosphere as it does on experience. 

“We have invested much love and energy into the Orion of yesteryear, by preserving the original architecture and incorporating the world of film into the overall design. Each and every room is themed on a different movie, conjuring up the golden age of cinema with a hearty dose of nostalgia and atmosphere.” – Michael Perelshtein

The Cinema Hostel creates a warm environment in the heart of Jerusalem, on a backdrop of your favorite classic films. Perfectly placed for exploring, the Cinema Hostel also offers tours and activities so you’re always around friends!
Grab a drink at our bar or just chill in the lounge, The Cinema Hostel is your place to feel at home and choose your own adventure!



We are always on the lookout for young and enthusiastic individuals to join our warm and friendly team. Contact us at reception@cinema-hostel.com to volunteer or check in for any job openings!